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Phelan Farm encompasses the lessons of a life in wine and the vision of a vineyard intertwined with nature. Here at the extreme edge of a continent, the cooling grasp of the Pacific shapes our philosophy and sharpens our intent. We cultivate gently, respecting the innate strength of the land and the wisdom of agricultural thinkers we admire. We vinify simply, honoring the complex nature of our soils and microclimates as expressed through a diverse selection of vines. We seek a future where wine is a gift to the earth, as well as to humankind. We strive humbly to inspire, as we have been inspired. Please join us.

The roots of Phelan Farm stretch back to the founding of the Phelan family homestead a few miles from the Pacific on Steiner Creek in 1851, just after California became a state. Inspired by his land’s potential to grow great grapes, Greg Phelan planted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines on their own roots in 2007, choosing four sites within the farm best suited to viticulture.

The farming philosophy at Phelan Farm is rooted in preserving and expressing our unique site’s natural state. Through observation and by treating the land with love and respect we ensure that our vines thrive in tandem with the diverse species of microbes, plants, and animals that compose the ecosystem.

In this seminal addition to the wine canon, noted experts Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay share everything they've learned in their decades of tasting wine. The result is the most in-depth study of the world's greatest wine regions ever published.

a field guide to the great wines of europe's book

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